How To Acclimate Amano Shrimp

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How To Acclimate Amano Shrimp


Acclimating Amano shrimp is an important part of setting up an aquarium. The Amano shrimp is a small freshwater species that is native to Japan. It is an attractive and colorful addition to any aquarium and its presence can help to keep algae levels in check. This guide will cover the basics of acclimating Amano shrimp to their new environment.

Purchase the Right Tank

Before you can acclimate the Amano shrimp, you need to purchase the right tank. The ideal tank size for this species is 10 to 20 gallons. Make sure that the tank has a filter and a heater, as the Amano shrimp will need both to survive in its new environment. The tank should also be well-lit, as Amano shrimp need plenty of light to stay healthy.

Set Up the Tank & Acclimate the Shrimp

Once you have purchased the right tank, it is time to set it up. Make sure to add the heater, filter, and light before adding the Amano shrimp. Fill the tank with dechlorinated water and let it sit for a few hours before adding the shrimp. When the tank is ready, it is time to acclimate the shrimp. The best way to do this is to place the shrimp in a container with some of the tank water and slowly add more tank water to the container over the course of a few hours. This will allow the shrimp to adjust to the new temperature and chemistry of the tank water before they are added to the tank.

Provide the Right Diet

Once the Amano shrimp are in the tank, it is important to provide them with the right diet. The Amano shrimp will feed on algae, plant matter, and small insects. To ensure that the shrimp are getting enough nutrients, you can feed them a variety of prepared foods as well as frozen or live food. It is important to note that the Amano shrimp will not feed on flake food, so make sure to provide a variety of other food sources.


Acclimating Amano shrimp to their new environment is an important step when setting up an aquarium. With the right tank, acclimation process, and diet, the Amano shrimp can live a long and healthy life in the aquarium. Hopefully, this guide has provided the necessary information to help you acclimate the Amano shrimp to their new environment.

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